Dis Cover Ri

Naked I come, Naked I go. Why did they leave out Naked I will live? Has that ever crossed your mind? If it wasn’t for what was written in the book of Genesis, would we really be living our lives clothed? You can only imagine how freeing, life would be if it was a different narrative. There’s nothing more freeing than returning home after a long day and basking in the freedom of your nakedness.

There is everything glorious about running around carelessly in the nude and not having to worry about an audience. No don’t fit in! Be free be independent be you! To people you’ll always be too tall too short too fat too skinny too fair or too dark. After a long day of dealing with the world with all its expectations, it’s great to find a moment for you, to take a break a breather and just be you. Take everything off and enjoy the freedom to step out of the frame of the world’s picture of you.

We spend a lifetime covering up our flaws and imperfections. We spend more time covering-up than dis-cover-ing ourselves.

Words by @Ghanyobi & @mpresss’RI’a